Advanced Security

Round the clock protection from host of threats due to next generation firewall, full packet inspection, unified threat management(UTM) capabilitiesLearn More

Optimized Network

The service enables seamless addition of new locations, remote user support, automated load balancing & failover mechanism and detailed policy enforcementLearn More

Subscribe & Use

Subscription based services allow you to access the services just like a utility with the exception that the meter is not running.Zero Capex, Low OpexLearn More

Advanced Analytics

Real time network analytics gives you complete insight into your network which includes threats, bandwidth utilization, user productivity and policy violationsLearn More

Some of our Happy Clients

Why Choose Us

  • Next generation firewall, Unified threat management(UTM) & secured VPN client ensures your network stays robust and secured
  • All-in-one managed, subscription based solution for all network related issues for high ROI & low TCO
  • Eliminates the need to maintain a large network team at all of your locations
  • We offer free support because we care about your network just as much as you do.

What Clients Say

With Hopbox in our network we can focus on the strategic IT issues knowing that the network infrastructure is secure and monitored. Post Hopbox implementation our network is faster, any infected machine is automatically isolated, our policies are deployed across all our stores and we are always aware of what is happening in our network at all times.
Dinesh Srivastava, V-Mart Retail
Hopbox helped us build a seamlessly load balanced and fast Internet environment.There is now no need to manually change connections and our customer support never suffers from slower internet because someone had to download a video!
Prashant Lohia, Ginesys
Our Investment Banking & Consulting Practice means we have a lot of confidential data we are contractually bound to protect. With Hopbox we signal to our clients our commitment to protect their interests and we get faster and controlled network in bargain.
Manish Jangid, Resurgent India