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Secure & Optimise

Layer 7 Stateful Firewall helps block unwanted traffic and keeps your computers out of the prying eyes of evil-doers on the prowl. Prioritise bandwidth for business critical applications.

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VPN over existing Internet

No need for MPLS links or static IPs. Our unique SSL VPN works flawlessly over your existing DSL links or USB dongles with Failover. But we still recommend having a static IP address at the Hub.

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Easy to Manage

Manage policies and other aspects of all your locations from a single Web Control Panel. Deploy access policies across locations with a single click! Delegate location administration.

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Hopbox is ideal for multi-location organisations that have numerous small offices distributed accross geography.

  • One box does it all.
  • WiFi enable your remote offices.
  • Extend WiFi wirelessly with additional HopAPs.
  • Internet bound traffic is not backhauled to the HUB / HO.
  • Access network resources distributed across your offices.
  • Easily provide remote support from HO using VNC or RDP.
  • Get insight on network traffic activity remotely.

In most cases there is no IT personnel deployed at remote offices of 5-15 people. Hopbox makes it easier to connect, secure & optimise remote offices while providing full control from a central location.

Use cases include Retail Outlets, Sales & Marketing Offices, Customer Support Offices, Warehouses etc.

To know more about how we can help you connect, secure and optimise the Internet & Intranet access across your locations, do get in touch with us!