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About Hopbox & Unmukti

Hopbox is a solution provided by Unmukti Technology Pvt. Ltd. ‘Unmukti‘ is a word in Sanskrit that means ‘Deliverance’.The company was founded with a vision to deliver a seamless, secured and connected office network on a Pay per Use model. We power enterprise networks and our unified, cloud-based network solution enables connectivity, security and optimization for our client networks. Specifically our solutions have empowered our customers to:

  • Achieve easy connectivity between their distributed offices and locations and enable new branch deployments without onsite IT support.
  • Secure their network from a host of threats through our unified thread management approach.
  • Enforce detailed corporate policy enforcement and traffic optimization for optimal business operations.

We have enabled networks all over India and currently we have our office in Delhi. At Unmukti, technology is just half the offering with the better half being the promise of a superior service response. Being a young company we realize that clients want to maximise their ROI and the time one puts in a project is a important part of that investment and superior service is just our way saying thank you.

Solution Description

The components of the Hopbox solution are - an on-premise, plug and play network appliance, host of cloud based network services and the network management/analytics console. The host of managed network services includes application level firewall, VPN, protection from viruses, malware, botnets etc, intrusion detection service, policy enforcement, content filtering, access management, bandwidth management, and cloud based reporting into one management platform. The offering is available on a subscription based model and has some distinct advantages for our clients like -zero Capex, no license requirements, no replacement and maintenance cost.