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Site-to-Site SSL VPN

Site-to-Site SSL VPNs are a great way to connect your distributed offices together, share resources, better collaboration, provide remote support over RDP/VNC and do a lot more.

As the connection between your offices are encrypted, the traffic remains truly private.

We do not backhaul all the traffic to your Hub. Traffic intended to go to the Internet, goes directly to the Internet from your spoke. Only required traffic comes to Hub. This saves your spending on a high bandwidth Internet line at the Hub. Web Traffic going to Internet is filtered and your Web Access policies are applied seamlessly across all the locations.

What more, we can even prioritise the bandwidth usage for different applications, so that your IT Support or ERP access doesn't get slow.

  • VPN over existing DSL/Leased Line/USB Dongle
  • Failover to other link
  • At least AES 128 bit encryption
  • LZO compression for enhanced throughput
  • No need for static IPs at spokes
  • No backhaul. No need for heavy bandwidth at Hub.
  • Web Filtering applied seamlessly at all the spokes.

Layer 7 Firewall, Bandwidth Control & Web Filtering

  • Layer 7 Stateful Firewall
  • Bandwidth Prioritisation to keep Business Applications fast
  • Advanced Web Filtering
  • HTTPS blocking
  • Proxy Auto Configuration
  • Curated Blacklists

HopCloudTM Powered Centralised Management

Forget changing a simple firewall rule by connecting to all your spoke Firewalls individually.

HopCloudTM lets you manage Firewall Rules, Web Access Policies etc. for all your locations from a single powerful cloud hosted web interface.

HopCloudTM also shows you the realtime health of your entire network. It also provides you various network reports right on the interface and your inbox.